Sunday, September 14, 2014

What happened Next!!

While I was preparing for my trip down to Raleigh,  I got a call early Saturday( 9/28) morning that Carson and Leisha just got engaged.  Carson was living in Provo going to BYU and Leisha in Rexburg going to BYU I.  He went up and proposed to her at the "Sand Dunes".  Exciting news!!!

They wanted  a winter wedding in Utah so a lot of family would be able to attend. The date was set for Dec 28, 2013 in the Mt Timpanogos, Utah Temple.  So we planned a Christmas in Utah and then the wedding.  It was a little crazy  but we were the only ones having to do airline travel,  Logan was the only one that came from his family.

Here are some pictures of the Wedding day and if I can find some of the engagement fots I will post them too.
Heading to the wedding

It was a good day but it was cold.  

We spent Christmas in St George  with G-ma and G-pa Corbett and the Wingett family.  We also skied as a family at Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah and had a great time.  Matt surprised Heidi by coming to Utah to meet us and spend time with us.  He got to see us under some stress and meet some of the extended family.

Hilight - We got to talk to Kate in Chile!!!! We were missing her like crazy!

 Cindy Vernon (Wilkinson) a college roommate came to the reception.  It was so sweet of her and her husband to come and always too long in between seeing each other.  

We also went up to Idaho to see extended family.
Idaho Falls temple where we started our Happily Ever After.  
  We stopped to see Debbie Robertson (Shipley) a high school friend.  It is a shame that I don't see her often enough, need to change that.  I love the Social Media now that we can IG and text each other to keep in touch a little bit better.  

Went to breakfast with my sister Delma, Nieces Darenna and Gina. I love all these girls.  I grow-up babysitting these two nieces a lot and we have many memories like sisters. Delma was always there for me and still is, what a wonderful big sister.  

 New Years!!  We were in Layton, UT at Susan's house and Carson and Leisha were in Spanish Fork, Utah  

 John"s cousin  let us come over and ride horses for a couple of hours for helping her scoop poop.  Mariah and Austin had a great time learning so many things about the care and riding horses.  Thank you  Dale Ray and Connie for time that morning.

 Our Virginia Christmas Tree!!!
We had a great trip but was glad to be home and have a snow day to recover one more day.  Just realized that I didn't get any ski pictures, so sad.  Oh well such is life!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

September 25th was a busy day!

So if you remember from the last post Kate left in the morning of 9/25/13.  
Well Abby gave birth to Amelia Linh Corbett that evening.  Yeah!!! She weighed in at 8.3lbs.  

I went down to Raleigh on the train to help. 

Happy Day to have this little Angel Baby. 
Amelia  is such a sweet baby, hence the Angel Baby name.

Hudson and I had a great time and every day we went on an adventure even if it is just a walk around the pond by their apartment to feed the ducks.   

one night we went to the grocery store and saw this, Cute.  

  I have nieces that live out here in the East.  Addie and her cute family live in the Raleigh area, Donnarae and her family live in Charlotte and Holly and her family live in Atlanta area.  This picture is of Aiden, Macy, Addie (very pregnant and due any day), Donnarae(barely pregnant), Anne, Delilas, Amelia and Abby.  Donnarae came to Raleigh for a couple of days because Eric (Raque'sl husband) her BIL was in town on business.  That was a fun treat for us Korth girls to hang out.  The funny thing is that none of us use that name anymore.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Kate got her Wisdom teeth out!!

After she was all done I walked back in the room and said " That was fun",  She recovered great which was a good thing since she was leaving on her mission in 2 weeks, we didn't need this to complicate things, which it didn't which was a great blessing.  


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First day of school 13-14

Mariah 16 10th grade

Austin 12 7th grade 

Carson 22 Sophmore at BYU

Mary Blodgett -12 grade and Mariah

Monday, September 01, 2014

Austin"s 12 Birthday party in 2013

Austin turned 12 in Nov of 2012 and a year for a Big Friend Birthday party.  Well it just didn't happen so in July of 2013 we organized a Birthday party for him with a bunch of his friends. I will let the pictures tell the story.